When You Visualize - You Materialize

We've all seen people achieve amazing feats despite the odds stacked up against them.  At the same time, no matter how capable the person, someone who doesn't believe they are going to get to the finish line, won’t!  Their lack of belief will lead them to stand in their own way.

Therefore, if your goal is too vague or seem too far off or unreal to you, it is likely it will remain that way.

Make sure that you can truly visualize your goal.  Describe to yourself…when you reach that goal, what will it: 

• Look like?

• Feel like?

• What will you be able to do that you can’t do now?

• How will you act?

Ask yourself: “If I could wake up tomorrow at my goal….”

• What would I do?

• How would I feel?

• What would you wear?

• Where would you go?

• Who would you tell?

…and so on...

Visualize the entire day once you've reached your goal and remind yourself of all the things that you truly want that you see yourself doing on that day.

Once this picture is solidified, your excitement for getting these things, feelings, and health benefits become so great, that this excitement can begin to far outweigh the cravings for foods and behaviors that have previously kept you from these goals.

Because mindset is more than half the battle, if you can create a clear enough, realistic picture in your mind, one that you can see, feel and almost taste, you are already more than halfway to seeing that picture and living that reality!

How has visualizing helped you reach another goal?  

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