5 Smart Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Dreams don't just come true...but goals - that you set, define, and work hard toward achieving - DO!  

Just think about it...everyone says, “I want to win the lottery.” It’s also likely that anyone who was asked, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” could quickly and easily describe what they would buy, where they would go, what they would donate, and/or whom they would help with the money. But, while we all dream of winning millions, how many people actually go buy a lotto ticket? ...This can be the same when it comes to any other goals you want to achieve. Vast majorities of us say what we want out loud, I.E, “I want to work from home." "I want to write a book one day." "I want to lose weight.” But how many are truly sitting down and researching the best ways to work from home? Putting to paper the ideas for each chapter of their book? Sticking to a diet program, going to the gym, etc...For those who are saying it but not doing anything about it, weight loss is currently a ‘dream’ not a ‘goal’. A dream is something that you wish would happen, but don’t actually take any steps to make happen. A goal is something that you truly plan for. When it comes to a true goal: You know why you want it, you have thought out the steps it will take to achieve it, and you are constantly making plans in order to take those steps. Businesses often refer to setting steps in place to reach goals as S.M.A.R.T. Goals. It stands for: 

S - Specific: 

What is the book topic you want to write about? What will each chapter cover? 

M - Measurable:  

How will you measure your weight loss goal?  By checking your weight on the scale?  How often?  What time of day?  By trying on that clothing size?  By getting a blood test to measure your triglycerides? 

A - Achievable: 

So let's get real here - how soon do you need how much money to be able to quit your day job? What are the expenses associated with freelancing or running a business?

R - Resources:  

There are other acronyms people use for R (Realistic, Results-Based, etc.) However, we think Realistic is touched upon with A, i.e. Achievable.  So here, I want to ensure that you outline what resources you're going to utilize to achieve your goal?  A loan? A book writing course? A diet? A gym membership? Make sure that you have outlined not only the specific 'what' about your goal but also the 'how'!

T - Time-Bound:

Once again, a vague goal is not a goal but a 'dream' - so set a clear idea of where you want to be as well as WHEN you want to be there! As long as your goal is: Realistic, Specific, Measurable, and Achievable within the Time-Frame you outline - you are well on your way to reaching that beautiful GOAL!  

Now, it's your turn, what are your S.M.A.R.T. goals?  

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