The 3 Best Ways to Find Happiness (Video Included!)

At Happy in Bold, we're all about helping you find happiness. And maybe that is a bit misleading because we certainly don't believe that happiness can actually be "found". It can however be created. Also, we don't just want you to be happy but HAPPY. <----- In BOLD.

Meaning we want you shiningly happy, unapologetically happy, bravely and boldly happy. When is it that you feel this confident and brave and bold...?

When you are knowledgeable and clear on how you got to where you are. Meaning, you haven't just stumbled into happiness and your just excited to be there, but instead you are sure and clear on how you got there. You have a clear roadmap for how you got to this state of happiness, you are confident that you know how to say there!

You can BOLDLY and FULLY enjoy happiness when you know you have the tools to keep yourself there as long as you want.

What helps you to create this roadmap? There are 3 key things that will help point your ship in the correct direction, and to adjust your sails when challenges attempt to push you off course.

Key to Happiness # 1: Ambition

First and foremost, you know we are big champions of reaching your GOALS. Not because you will finally be happy once you've reached those goals. But because the goal-getting process includes some alluring aspects of its own. With ambition comes excitement, anticipation, learnings, creativity, and pride. And THESE feelings are all components of the feeling of happiness. A more full-circle, robust, well-rounded recipe for happiness.

Key to Happiness # 2: Perspective

In a recent article, 4 Things Happy People Don’t Do, psychologist Nick Wignall shares that there are common patterns he sees in people who are unhappy. They worry about things they can't control, they are judgemental with themselves after mistakes, they hang onto expectations for situations, rather than enjoying what is really in front of them, and they procrastinate on their values. Meaning that they say that they want to do something, like lose weight or spend time with their family, but they don't actually put these plans into motion. < (Notice how we're coming back to ambition and achieving their goals).

It takes a concentrated effort to realize how you are reacting to situations and to choose to see it from a different perspective. Think about how, when you travel and you are living out of a small suitcase for a few days, it puts in perspective how little you truly need to survive. Maybe, when you return home, there's a moment where it hits you how much unnecessary stuff you have around the house, that may just be causing you stress. It is important to try to find ways to put the things you feel are making you unhappy with a new perspective. Take time to step back and see the big picture. What small changes have affected the big picture? And which, (like stressing perhaps?) haven't?

Key to Happiness #3: Attitude

Keep in mind, often you can't control the situations around you, and you certainly can't change other people around you - all that is in your control is how you react to those situations.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Think back to the days that have recently passed. Particularly ones in which you were in a bad mood. Would those days have changed at all if your attitude were different that day? How would those around you have been affected differently? Perhaps not. Or perhaps it would have greatly improved?

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