Reaching your Personal Goals Through Perfectly Imperfect Perfection

Isn't it funny how we tend to get frustrated with ourselves when it comes to our own personal goals but not other tasks?

So often, for example, you see someone lay out a diet plan or an exercise plan and throw in the towel as soon as they take a single step off the track. Why is this? Many times - it can come down to the wrong type of preparation - yes, you need to physically prep to get ready to achieve a goal, buy the foods, download the apps, etc. But often, it can be the MENTAL prep that is lacking. 

We talk a lot about how there is a difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is something that you have floating around in the back of your had that you're 'going to do' either 'soon' or 'someday' or 'as soon as _____'. A goal is something that you are making plans for - you are actually planning around the obstacles and accepting that the challenges you'll need to work through aren't glamorous, fun, or exciting - but the goal at the end is worth it. 

Now, keep in mind - there are plenty of other challenges and goals and you manage each and every day without giving up. And just imagine the absurdity if you DID give up each time something went wrong in those areas of your life?

...You have a simple marital spat - time for a divorce. 

....You have a class with a teacher you can't stand. Throw in the towel on your entire degree. 

...Your car gets dirty again - sell it. 

...You had the house perfectly clean and now it's dirty again?  - Time to move. 

Sounds a bit like one of those infomercials where people are struggling and having total meltdowns when they can't tie a trash bag doesn't it? 

We'd all laugh at anyone who treated these situations in an extreme way; and yet, so stop treating your personal goals as if you can work towards it in a 'perfect', 'not-a-hair-out-of-place-(EVER!)' fashion.  

Give yourself a break.  Understand that large successes are created the same way as any other smaller successes. Small achievements, day in and day out. 

Great days and bad days ebb and flow.  As long as you continue to push to see more positive than negative - you are, truly, IMPERFECTLY PERFECTLY on track.  :-)