It Doesn't Matter How Slowly You Go

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

– Confucius

So often people wait to start on a goal. They wait until something is over, they wait until the weather is warmer, they wait until conditions are easier...all the while, had they only done one small thing each day, or week that they were waiting, they would be halfway to their goal, long before the excuses ran out. 

Keep in mind - progress is progress. Even moving 51% in the right direction will get you to your destination - slowly - but surely. 

What is something you've been putting off doing? What are the reasons you've been telling yourself for waiting?

TIP: From now on - try reforming your mental language so you no longer say: "I can't right now," or "I will once..." Instead say: "It isn't a priority right now." 

Feels uncomfortable, doesn't it?

It makes you feel a bit defensive. But at the same time - doesn't it highlight any and all areas that are actually excuses? Doesn't it make you think of ways you could prioritize the things that would help you reach your goal if you TRULY felt it was a top priority? 

Think about it. 

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