How to Stay Motivated When Working from Home

With everything that's going on you may be newly been thrust into a situation where you are now working from home. For all the fun that can bring (working in your PJ's and slippers, having access to all of your things all day long)...It can also come with some challenges (other members of your household, pets, interruptions, distractions...etc). 

Here are some ideas on how to make working from home a bit less challenging:


To start, think about the challenges facing you and try to set yourself up for success from the get-go.  

Set up a Dedicated Workspace

It's good to set up a specific spot that you'll be working. This way you can get all of your work items organized, and also mentally tell yourself that when you're in this space - you're 'at work'. Mentally it can have an effect and improve your productivity when your sitting in your assigned workspace.  

Make a Schedule 

While it can be tempting (and your work may allow) a bit of flexibility with the time you start and stop working - it's important to set a routine that you follow regularly. Get up at the same time each day. Plan the same time to begin working each day. Also, plan when you'll stop so you keep yourself from becoming overworked. 

Make a Plan for the Others in Your Household 

Again, plan ahead for the things that will be challenging and plan a few ways to work around these challenges. 

Do you have a dog with a lot of energy who may interrupt you when your working? Take him for a walk first thing in the morning each morning to help him get that time with you as well as get some energy out. Maybe he'll then sleep for a few hours while you're working. 

Have kids you need to watch while working? Get them breakfast and set up with an activity before you sit down to work. Then plan a stopping point in your work when you know they'll be restless again. Also, remember to try to schedule phone calls at a time of day that's easy to keep them entertained and distracted. 


Once you have planned for all the possible challenges and set yourself up for success, now it's time to stay motivated as plans don't quite work out as expected, or as you may get a bit tired or distracted working in your home environment. 


Because home is a place you are typically resting and relaxing, the atmosphere may lull you into a tired state that isn't ideal for keeping alert and producing your best work.


Keep in mind - exercise not only gives you energy but also increases serotonin - this is the 'happy hormone' that puts you in a good and positive mood! Take regular exercise breaks to keep happy and ready-to-work! 

Also, remember to choose healthy snacks when you eat meals. Keeping a balanced diet can help you feel good and stay full of energy. 

Make Your Surroundings Inspiring 

When you set up your special workspace, think also about some ways you can make your workspace extra inspiring. Keep in mind that sights, sounds, and smells can play a big role. Try some of the following to keep yourself inspired and motivated: 

Sights: Set your workspace up facing a window so you can see outside when it's a beautiful day and soak up the sun. 

Sounds: Set up music to play in your workspace to keep you feeling upbeat and motivated. Do you have trouble focusing when you are listening to tunes you want to sing along with? Try out a jazz station or movie scores. (If you have Pandora - one of our favorites is called: Caribbean Chill Out).   

Plan Rests & Rewards

Without the natural flow of the office around you, it can be easy to get caught up in your work and forget to stop for lunch or work late into the night. Be sure to set a specific time - and perhaps even set an alarm for breaks, meals, and stopping points. Just because the work is there, doesn't mean you should work 24/7. 

Tackle the "Worst" Items First

It can be very demotivating seeing an item on your to-do list that you're dreading. Try to tackle the items that you dislike the most first and foremost. This way, you get them off your to-do list and can clear up some mental clarity to tackle the other items that you are less frustrated about.

Also, it's likely that you have the most energy when you first start working - it's good to put this toward the tasks that are the toughest and then save easier tasks for when you have a little less energy. 


Keep in mind that Compass Book is set up for just these purposes, to help you plan out your day, your work and your goals - and next, to keep you motivated to keep pushing forward to reach those goals. 

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We look forward to helping you stay motivated and productive while you work from home!