Goal Stories | Interview with a Business Owner

This week, we interviewed Kaija Beatty, owner of NaturallySuper 3D, Printing and Crafting Services.

The goal Kaija is so proud of is, "Starting my own business my way!" She says it took her 2 years to get her business going and she is still working on this goal, "We are a small business that produces products with the use of a 3D printer. My best friend and I started working on this last year and have gradually worked up to using 2 printers."

The biggest challenge she faced was capital and the way she handled this challenge was by saving up her money and pushing for more sales.

Were there times that you were discouraged and questioning if you'd truly be able to reach your goal?

Yep. Last year when I got sick and lost my job I was not able to get the money to build up my business reserve.

What are some ways you kept yourself motivated, even when the going got tough?

Writing my goals down and looking at them everyday!

Looking back now, what is some advice you'd give your former self about achieving this goal?

Save save save your money.

What did you learn from achieving this goal? What advice would you give others with a similar goal?

I can do anything I set my mind to! I am branching out more do I can get our name known and make some more money!

Is there anything additional you'd like to share about reaching this goal?

I will always keep reaching.

In her personal life, Kaija is a married mother of two beautiful children and would love to see her success shine onto her children.

Learn more about Kaija and her business, here, on her Facebook page.

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