Give It 80% Effort

The feeling of a fresh new start is wonderful, cleansing, and enjoyable. At the same time, there's this added pressure of trying to make the year 'perfect'.

Remember to bathe in the 'glow' of New Year's inspiration but understand that it is a process, and missing a day at the gym or having one bad meal does not out-do a day that everything else was good.

...In fact, actually AIMING for an 80-90% 'on-track' regimen is actually far more realistic; as it leaves a 'margin for error' and is a more wholesome way to stick to your goals.

Speaking of the word 'error', while that is goal-speak for the workplace - in your own mind: start working to remove that negative self-talk from your mind. When things don't go as plan, they aren't 'bad', it isn't an 'error'. As long as your goals include that realistic margin - things that aren't planned popping up are actually PART of the plan!

Remember to aim high, fail forward, and pat yourself on the back for each small success. After you get those elements on track it's very simple. Just rinse and repeat again and again - until you're at your goal!

Here's to staying motivated, on track and keep moving forward at 80% capacity!