From Mundane to FUNdane - "Science" Fun with Apples (Pics!)

Ever find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of the mundane?

We tend to find ourselves feeling blah about the day to day routine because it's the same thing day in and out, and also comes with tiredness, stress, and frustrations to boot...

We tend to look forward to big things that we know will 'make us happy'. We look forward to a vacation, an upcoming wedding, a new car, a new house...unfortunately, those big events are typically few and far between, so if those are the only times we are happy. We'll be waiting a long while. 

We thought it was high time to point this out - and also exemplify, how with a simple shift in perspective, something super mundane - can be made fun, entertaining and can be a way to share a laugh with friends and family around us. Who says you need expensive gifts or trips to have fun?

We were able to have a blast, just by grabbing some apples from the local grocery store! 

So here's Heather's take on...(drumroll please...!)

Science Fun with Apples: 

I couldn't decide which apples to buy.

So I did the only logical thing you CAN do.

Buy them all.

Well, 1 of EACH.

To taste and determine which apple is superior.

For SCIENCE. And apples. The prices of each apple widely vary - so I'm quite interested to see if there is a correlation between price and taste.

(Like this Cosmic Crisp Apple... it had better taste Cosmically Crisptacular)

The *Super* Scientific Experiment

Step 1. Arrange the Science

Step 2. Stab the Science

Note. The Science is juicy. It leaks everywhere. Have damp towels ready.

Step 3. Eat the Science

Arguably the most fun part.

Step 4. Graph the Science

Because if it isn't chart-able, did it happen?


There is no direct correlation between price and taste quality. Jazz apples were far superior in taste (personal opinion) in comparison to the very disappointing Sugar Bee and lackluster Cosmic Crisp.

Your turn!! If you don't have a favorite apple - we invite you to head to the store, grab a few, and chow down for your opinion...and FOR SCIENCE! 

Till next time!

~ All us smiling and apple-eating here at Happy in BOLD