5 Ways to Unsubscribe

Isn't it (morbidly) funny how, over the last decade, we've become so incredibly inundated with input every minute of every day?

If you're in your 30's or older, when you first began driving, you likely didn't have a cell phone at all.  Few did, and if they did it was just something you kept on hand for emergencies. 

Today, you likely panic if you leave the house without your phone. Why? Are you any less capable of finding help or solving a problem if you have one? Nope.

Before cellphones, if you called someone's home and asked for them, and they weren't home. You were out of luck. Then you patiently waited for them to get back to you. 

Along with the improvements in technology, we've increased our expectations of how available we should be to one another at all times...simply because technology makes it possible, doesn't mean we still shouldn't be respectful of one another's time. 

And now, because of this 'need to be available culture,' we've created - we have built-in excuses ready to go, to apologize to people for why we didn't answer our cell. Don't you have some that come to mind?  

We stress that they think we're ducking them.  We stress that others are ducking us.  Simply because we know we are all plugged in at all times, all day, every day.

As an already stressful world has just become noisier and more insistent - it's no wonder that it plays a roll in our health, our mental state, and our overall happiness. 


This week, try 'unsubscribing' a bit from things that are not truly necessary.  

1) Notifications: See if there are any apps you can delete, or at least notifications you can turn off on your phone. 

2) Unsubscribe: Search the word "Unsubscribe" in your email and see how many sales emails you can remove from bombarding you weekly. (Or try the service Unroll.me to help you find and unsubscribe in bulk). 

3) Alone Time: Skip the shower and opt for a long bath. Go all out and add candles, and music!

4) Fun Time: Pick a 'mental getaway' - plan a dinner or a movie out or just pick a book to read before bed rather than scrolling through Facebook.  Plan to just sit still, phone out of hand, and mentally re-boot. 

5) Put your Phone on Silent: Rather than turning off notifications, you can also simply put your cell on silent mode - then you can choose when you go to take a look at it.

NOTE: In this case, if you set it somewhere and don't recall where you can't call to find it. So here's a trick! 

iPhone Users: Go to your computer or laptop and go to "iCloud.com", login and click on your phone and you can click 'play sound' and it will override silent mode making your phone beep out its location. 

Apple Watch Users: Click "Find my Phone" on your apple watch and it will do the same. 

All in all, remember - just because technology has changed and, in turn, we've all gotten used to a faster and more bombarding pace - doesn't mean our basic needs have changed.

It is now more important than ever to find a way to mentally decompress now and again in order for you to keep a positive outlook and perspective.


If you were to make a list of what is most important in your life - how far up on that list would 'notifications from apps' truly be?

What would be higher in order of importance on that list?

Now, make sure your time is allocated in the same order as that list.