5 Strategies for Overcoming Challenges and Reaching Your Goals Anyway

Every goal has a unique set of challenges. unique or not though, there are some similar tactics and mindset strategies you can implement to overcome them.

1. Remember You Grow More with Challenges

Keep in mind: "This too shall pass," just as all the challenges you've faced in the past have done. Remember also - the times in your life when you have faced challenges have most likely been the most pivotal points of your life. Challenges are what help you learn new skills, set off on new paths, change the way you're doing something that leads to greater success...all in all, while challenges are uncomfortable, they typically lead to improvements. 

When you are facing a new challenge. Think over the ones you've faced in the past. Remind yourself that you came through those and then think about the positive outcomes that came from facing those challenges. 

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” ― Winston S. Churchill

2. Slow Down. Take a Step Back and Look for the Lessons

Keep in mind that when in the midst of strife, our focus is blurred, our emotions are high - and that can lead to acting too quickly and compounding the problems. Slow down. Take a deep breath. Try to look at the situation from a new perspective.

For example, now that you've thought back to the positive outcomes that you've seen from previous challenges you've faced, see if you can pre-emptively look for the positive that may come from your current situation. The more quickly you can see it, the more you can focus your energy on the positive outcomes over the stresses and frustrations that the challenge is presenting for you. 

Can't see the positive just yet? Don't worry. It's ok to get through the gauntlet first and then wait for the dust to settle to look back and see what you've learned. Just don't forget to do this at some point. The more you practice changing your perspective and finding the positives, the faster and easier this process will become each time you face a new problem. 

3. Break it down into Smaller Steps

While it's good to review the big picture when the time is right, sometimes when a problem is too momentous and emotionally charged, it can seem way too overwhelming while you're facing it to think about it in a long-term way. In these situations, break down the challenge into smaller bite-sized pieces. 

Is it too tough to think about a long-term challenge over the course of a year or months? Just think about it in terms of days. What will you expect to change in the next 30 days? Is it too overwhelming to think about the days ahead? Just think about the next few hours? Is that too much? Just think about the next step and nothing further. What do you need to do in the next few minutes to face this challenge? 

There's no need to look too far ahead if you're feeling overwhelmed. The only important thing to do is to keep moving forward. A mountain can be climbed, by simply focusing on one step at a time. 

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston S. Churchill

4. Give Yourself Small Wins to Feel Productive

Especially if you are facing a long-term challenge, it can get frustrating to feel like you won't benefit from the rewards of overcoming it for quite a while. In this case, find ways to give yourself small wins each as often as possible - recognize and celebrate them! This feeling of accomplishment can help keep you in a positive mindset and keep you motivated to take the next step and the next. 

For example: 

Make your bed every day. - It only takes a few minutes and can start you off with a small feeling of accomplishment right away, and each time you walk in your room. 

5. Accept Help from Others

You're not alone. Everyone deals with challenges and sometimes it's important to lean on the support of others to help get you through your own challenges faster and easier. This may be as simple as someone lending an ear, helping you vent or talk out your challenge to help you gain the perspective that you need to know what the best next step is to take. 

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