5 Tricks to Keep You Motivated to Lose Weight

Remember the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, it is just as true when it comes to your weight loss goals.

Make sure that weight loss is a conscious goal that you are reminded of all day long, especially in the places and during the times that you are most likely to stray.

Some ideas for making your weight loss goal more ‘visible’ include:

1. Write sticky notes to yourself

...Leave them on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, in the pantry, in your car or purse, or on your computer screen.

2. Set reminders and tasks 

....Set them to yourself on your calendar or on your phone. – Set them to pop up and remind you to drink your water, eat your fruit, or simply remember your weight loss motivators or affirmations.

3. Put smaller clothing in plain sight. 

Do you have a dress or a pair of pants that you are excited to fit back into? Put those items in plain sight where you will see them every day.  Hang them on the outside of the closet or drape them over a chair.  Make a point to start trying them on again as you make progress to see how much closer they are to fitting how you want.

4. Wear clothes that are slightly too tight. 

There is nothing like a slight pinch at the waistline when you go to order at a restaurant to remind you to order the salad, fish, and vegetables rather than the plate of pasta and pie.  Remember, that slight discomfort will drive you to work hard all day while loose, baggy clothing will allow you to feel like you have room to splurge.

5. Use a picture. 

Do you have a picture of yourself that is either bad or good?  Use a bad picture to help motivate you to never look like this again, or, use a good picture as inspiration to get back to looking the way you loved.  Put this picture right on the fridge or somewhere in the kitchen near the food.  This will inspire you right when you are the most likely to reach for something you know you don’t want to eat.

Not only do constant reminders keep you from doing something mindless that would get you off track, but keeping your goal front and center in your mind helps you realize creative ideas that support that goal.

For example: Say you are stuck in rush hour traffic and the cars are at a stand-still.  You have a sticky note in your car reminding you that you want to “Walk more”.  This sparks an idea and you pull into the next shopping center you see...

...Parking your car, you walk up and down the shopping center, adding an extra mile to your steps that day...

...When you get back on the road, traffic has lightened and you will easily reach home within minutes of when you may have anyway - but now - with more steps added to your day (and a positive sense of accomplishment)!

All in all, keeping something that is important to you front and center in your mind makes it far more likely that you will always be putting additional effort into that goal, just keep your goal in plain sight and your eye on the prize!

What are some other tips you have for staying focused?

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