5 Best Goal Tracker Apps of 2020

Tracking goals is one of the most powerful ways to achieve your goals. Just as keeping a photo of your vision board on your home screen can help you stay motivated, tracking your goals through an app is another convenient way to hold yourself accountable. Many of these apps will also let you view your goal trends, so you can see how you’re progressing over time.

Ready to get started? Here are our 5 favorite apps for tracking your goals in 2020:


Price: Free or premium version ($4.99/month)

Available on: iOS

This is one of the most popular goal tracking apps available. Strides is a streamlined app that allows for greater flexibility when tracking your goals. With Strides, you can set exact goals (like running 25 laps at the track) and average goals (spending around 5 hours a week exercising). You can also set target dates for your goals and projects or simply select if you did or didn’t complete a habit (like drinking enough water, for example).


Price: Free or premium version for more than 5 goals ($4.99/month)

Available on: iOS and Android

HabitBull is an easy to use goal tracking app that lets you simply press the plus sign to enter in your habit plans. You can choose from a variety of goal categories including health, fitness, work, study, and even artistic goals. The app also offers an extra touch of motivation with inspirational quotes on the weekly tracking page.

Way of Life

Price: Free or premium version for more than 3 goals ($6.99 one-time fee)

Available: iOS and Android

Way of Life uses a color-coding (red and green) system to help you track your goals. Red means that a goal wasn’t achieved on any specific day, while green means that it was achieved. This results in you being able to view a detailed bar graph and pie chart showing your trends over time. In Way of Life, you can also set a daily reminder to record your goal attempt in the tracker.


Price: Free or premium version for extra features ($5.99/month)

Available: iOS, Android, and Mac

Habitify has an easy to use interface. You simply input a new goal and tell the app when you would like a reminder. When you’ve completed a goal, you tap it to show completion and a blue checkmark appears. You can view your weekly progress on a dedicated page.

If you upgrade to the premium version of Habitify, you can also input notes each day and see a yearly view of your progress.


Price: Free, pro version ($4.99 one-time), or premium ($2.99/month)

Available: iOS and Android

ATracker is an in-depth app that helps you manage your overall life. You can keep track of habits, both good and bad, so that you can get a good idea of how you’re spending your time each day. Spending too much time scrolling on social media, for example? ATracker will help you better manage this time, so that you can focus on how you really want to spend your time. Like other apps, you can track your history and see a thorough chart. It’s also an easily customizable app. The only downside to ATracker? The actual interface is a little confusing and might take some getting used to.

Personal Accountability Coaching

Price: $197 for 30 days.

Available: iOS and Android

Did you realize, co-owner/founder of Happy in Bold, Kerri Gaither has been a Weight Loss Coach since 2009? If you are looking for someone to help motivate you and hold you accountable, Accountability Coaching is just the thing! How it works: When you sign up, you'll be sent a link to download the coaching app. Sync this app to your favorite fitness tracker (FitBit, Apple Health, etc.), and wah-la, the info imports for you. Start chatting with Kerri in the app where she can see your daily steps, calories, and whatever else you're comfortable sharing. She'll message you and hold you accountable weekly to meeting the goals you want to meet!

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