How far can you go in the next 30 days with help steering toward your goal?

Image by Heidi Sandstrom.

How far can you go in just 30 days with someone holding you ACCOUNTABLE...?

How many more steps would you take with someone watching your daily step count?

How much better would you track your calories with someone asking questions if you forgot to track? 

How many more times would you exercise if someone was going to notice if you missed a session and ask why? 

How much more water would you drink if someone was cheering you on when you logged your water in your fitness app? 


Let's find out. 

​This Coaching Package Includes: 

  • An initial 30-minute Zoom call to review your goal and strategies to achieve that goal.

  • Daily communication via a private app. (Chats and responses 2-3x per day - Mon-Friday).

  • Share your calories, steps, water & fitness in the app for Kerri to see (and hold you accountable)! Note: No need to track twice, the app automatically syncs with your current fitness watch &/or other digital trackers.

  • A final 30-minute Zoom call to review your progress at the end of the 30 days.


North Star Nudge Coaching

30 Days of Accountability Coaching
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Regular Monthly Fee $297 / mo.
Currently: FREE
For a limited time, we are accepting beta testers for this new coaching program.