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Two Sisters
+ lots of motivation



Meet Kerri

Mother of 4, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Pasta Lover

Kerri has learned over the years that if she isn't juggling multiple jobs, businesses or passions all at once - she doesn't feel fulfilled. As a wife, mother of 4, entrepreneur, marathon runner, author, and former lead singer of regionally performing rock bands over 10 years...

Kerri truly knows that the TOUGHER the challenge, the more REWARDING it is as well! 

​Whether it's about...

  • losing weight, getting in shape, improving your health

  • starting & growing a business, or working from home

  • keeping positive when dealing with tough challenges

  • exploring your passions

  • pushing yourself and holding yourself accountable

  • making time for yourself while still taking care of others

​...Kerri has been through it all - as well as coached hundreds of other people through their own unique circumstances. The thing she's learned through all of it is, you have to adapt your plan to fit your life - not the other way around.

"So often people try to force themselves to fit into molds that they'll never fit. My passion is helping people create their own 'mold/custom plan' that helps them achieve their goals - and thus -  find their greatest happiness!"

Kerri Gaither, M.A.
Health Coach, Motivation Ninja,
& Pasta Lover
Meet Heather

Heather is a graphic designer by day, and an illustrator, writer, and photographer by night. She likes; all things cute, all things organized random miscellany; and loves working with her sister to help people stay motivated to reach their goals.


Whether it's through finding the right job, writing, designing and publishing a book, or struggling to manage a gluten intolerance in a world filled with delicious baked goods - Heather knows what it's like to struggle to make your desires a reality.


Heather hopes her designs, patterns, and products help give you a smile and keep you inspired to keep pushing to get to the finish line - and stay there! If you love something she's designed, be sure to let us know!



Contact Both: Hello@HappyinBold.com